Monday, February 1, 2016

Where Are We Now: A Life Update

I bet you thought that after months and months (okay, years) of listening to me prattle on and on about the horrors of unemployment and my husband's seemingly never-ending search for a job, that my 'radio silence' must mean that we moved forward. WRONG! C'mon, guys! Have you read any of my previous posts? Ever? Well, if you had you would know that--as one of my best friend's always says--if we didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck at all. Now, even for all in realist like myself, our life has taken a turn even I didn't expect as I never thought that being unemployed 4 times in just over 5 years could ever be trumped and yet trumped it was by something far more insidious and, frankly, way beyond our comprehension. Our son, the boy who never got sick got diagnosed with leukemia. Before everyone gets crazy, this post will not devolve into a pseudo-Caring Bridge update as those are far too painful to write. Instead, on Day 64 of hospitalization (no, he cannot come home between treatments), I give you one of the most interesting facts about living at the hospital that I discovered.

Interesting Fact: Check any thought of privacy at the door--Seriously. You certainly don't come here to rest regardless of your diagnosis and, frankly, the worse the diagnosis, the faster the door to your room becomes a revolving one.We have a hem-onc (hematology/oncology) team, an infectious disease team, the dermatology team, the ophthalmic team, nurses, lab techs and housekeeping, not to mention the social worker, the bone marrow transplant team and their social worker, their special nurse, the nutritionist, the teacher, the tutor and the physical therapist. All coming in and out of the room and various times throughout the day, most times without any warning or even so much as a knock on the door and remember, a hospital is 24/7 so don't get any designs on actually sleeping because these teams know no time restrictions. Have I mentioned the bathroom door doesn't have a lock on it? In and out, in and out, all day and night long. If your diagnosis doesn't make you crazy, this just might. I know it is definitely doing a number on me.

So keep following along for these pithy little updates as I blog to try to recapture some of the sanity I lose on a daily basis during our hospital life.