Monday, March 25, 2013

The Second Week

So here we are deep in throes of our second week of spring break-a break that was supposed to include a lovely trip to Chicago that unfortunately had to be postponed due to a work conflict.  Just perfect.  Our first week included a series of doctor appointments, a trip to the dentist so that my youngest could have a tooth pulled, an eye doctor appointment so that my oldest could get contacts and one unfortunate round of a 'stomach thing' by the same poor child who now has one less tooth in his mouth. Add to that some seriously frigid and obnoxious weather and you have the makings of a very long week off.  As if that was not bad enough, the advent of social media ramps up the crankiness as now not only do we know where all of our friends are vacationing, we also have the opportunity to see the amazing white sandy beaches they are enjoying, the luscious food they are eating and pretty much every step of their glorious days in the sun. To those who feel I should get a life and get off of Facebook, let's not forget about the fact that three quarters of my children are connected. So, while I am trying to shield myself from what I cannot have right now, my children get some perverse joy out of showing me each and every FB and Instagram picture I may have missed. I never knew my daughter had so many friends and, of course, each and everyone of them just loves to take pictures and post them ASAP.  Have we forgotten how to just enjoy a moment while capturing the memory in our minds instead on our phones?

Okay, yes, I am cranky and whiny with no excuses or explanations ( they do exist but I am just keeping them to myself...for a change). Thankfully, the weather seems to be better this week so with my boys outside playing lacrosse non-stop, I know that spring really must be here even if she has not shown herself in all her glory as yet. I know once we head back to school, we will be on a proverbial bullet train speeding toward the end of this school year, a mere two months away. So in order to keep current, watch out friends as I may start posting some of my own pictures of our last week of break including high points such as yet another eye doctor appointment, haircuts and perhaps a movie. How envious you will all be. I just know it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Enough Already!

Dear Mr. Identity Thief,

Let's break up! I am so sick and tired of your 'all about you' approach to this relationship.  It is very one-sided, you know?  The way you sneak around and keep opening charge cards in my husband's name and then buying merchandise online.  It is totally ticking me off.  I especially detest the way we get charged for your purchases and how we never know what we will be hit with next as you really seem to be on a spending spree right now.  Frankly, we are not exactly in the best financial shape right now and your actions are certainly not helping our credit or our emotional well-being.  I would love to know what you are buying with all that money.  Care to clue me in?  Of course, being no stranger to identity theft,  I know that most identity thieves purchase gift cards as they cannot be traced.  The criminal who stole my identity is still on the loose as she failed to show up for her sentencing and has been eluding the police since January.  Nice, huh? I feel so safe knowing she is still skulking around and not in prison.  Since my plan is to break up with you maybe the two of you should get together as you certainly have a lot in common.

Being the nice person that I am I would never want to encourage you to go bother someone else with all your nonsense in order to leave us alone, instead I just pray every night that you get caught and end up in jail where you belong.  I will tell you a little secret though...I am not that nice and I have wished some other things happen to you as well.  At least I am honest which is certainly more than I can say for you.

Now leave us alone!