Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year?

What day of the year instills more fear in me than even my birthday?  Yes, you guessed it.  New Year's Eve. Oh, I know it is supposed to be a fresh start, a new blank year which offers (or should) a host of opportunities for bettering myself and my life.  So why am I so terrified, you might ask?  My anxiety stems from the worry that history might repeat itself yet again and that we might pass the third year of our unemployment on January 5th and start the clock ticking toward our 4th year.  Since 2010, I have held out great hope that the new year will bring positive changes for us and that our life will return to normal only to have those hopes dashed and find ourselves turning yet another calendar year praying for the exact same thing.  I thought the adage was 'third times the charm,' but apparently that does not hold true when searching for a job as our third year came up dry not unlike our first and second years.  Bummer.

This morning, adding to my already anxiety-filled day (drop the ball already and let's get started with 2013), I read the worst news.  No, not about the fiscal cliff...worse yet.  Kim Kardashian is pregnant and, yes, Kanye West is the father.  The heck with the Mayan predictions about December 21st, the end of the world is upon us now.  I mean, honestly, what the heck is Kim K famous for beyond her mom's awesome Kardashian branding talent?  Now, not only will every magazine and news show be documenting each and every second of her pregnancy, she will then have the requisite 'baby line' of clothing and home furnishings and, of course, her weight loss regime once she record her 'pre-baby weight.'  Not to mention, all the while raking in millions for doing what millions of women have done and will be doing, sans the hoopla, for millions of years.

So, 2013 will definitely be an awesome year for some and I hope that we can get our finger in that pie of success this year, too, preferably with blinders on to the Kardashian baby event.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve's Eve

It is almost show time in our house, the eve of the most anticipated night of the year. Somehow, despite all my rigidity and careful planning, one minute I have a couple of months to prepare and then the next 'pow' the big night comes flying at me as if out of the  blue.  Believe me, I do not take anything lightly or approach things casually and Christmas is right up there at the top of my 'better be on top of this one' list, but with extremely limited funds, four children and absolutely zero spirit, I trudged through preparations as if walking through molasses, plodding and kind of stuck in an 'I don't want to deal with this' kind of inertia.  Be that as it may, I knew it was coming despite my trepidation so I was one hundred percent ready as of last week (at least in gift readiness, if not in spirit).

I have to admit that despite our difficult times of late, I really am a child at heart when it comes to Christmas and I go to great lengths to keep Santa's magic alive for my children.  One of them is definitely on the verge of needing to know the truth about Santa but I cannot bear to tell her the truth this year because I need to believe in this special magic and not have her grow up just yet.  I decided to use a practical reason to continue the magic at least for this year. When she was questioning me the other night, I told her that given our current financial status, the real proof of Santa's existence will be if there are gifts for everyone under the tree come Christmas morning because the only way they can be there is by Santa's magic. She does not need to know that Santa's elves were grandma and grandpa this year and she gets another year of wonder and awe in the season--and so does her mom.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and hoping that 2013 will be a better year for us with a job for my husband and a new undertone to my blogs.  I really can be quite amusing when life is going well, you know?

Ho ho ho

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I just read an article about the supposed end of the world this Friday and I must admit that I simply cannot believe that the end could be so close at hand and that the gods could really be that cruel.  I mean think about it, could I really find my end while in the midst of the absolute worst time of my life?  My husband has been unemployed for almost three years now-yep, not a typo, I did mean years-and we are merely existing, our life is in a shambles and I spend my days near tears (except when my children are around because then my 'game face' is on).  Oh, no!  You can darn well bet I am not going out like this.  Heck, I am barely alive as it is so the way I figure it, I am some serious living left to do and no silly little calendar snafu is going to mess up my chances of making right the last three years (and counting...).

I enjoyed the article because it went on to explain that no one really knows what the Mayans had planned for various reasons none the least of which is that some of their writings were illegible.  The article also stated that it is believed in some circles that the Mayans looked at the end of these years as a new beginning, the start of a new and enlightened future. I need to believe that is true for myself as well. That 2012--and 2011 and 2010--are behind us now and that the future holds something far better for us. Besides, with my Dad's and my husband's birthday this Saturday and Santa arriving late Monday, I simply don't have time for the end of the world as I have too much left to do this week!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ad Infinitum

This post should definitely come with a disclaimer because if you are looking for happy and upbeat, you will need to look elsewhere today because I am in a very dark place.  It all started with the set up of our Christmas countdown clock which has become an unfortunate daily reminder of how close we are getting to the third year anniversary of my husband's unemployment. To say that length of time to be without a job is unfathomable or unconscionable would be a gross understatement of the truth. If this were the plot line in a movie, I would think that the screenwriter abused the concept of poetic license and if a friend told me that this was happening to her family, I would think that she was exaggerating for effect. The fact that it is happening to us personally has made it all too real and inescapable. I don't know why it is hitting me so hard this weekend in particular, but I cannot get over the fact that we used to be so normal and now we are simply not anymore-how much we took for granted like paying bills and buying things that made us happy just because we could.

People ask me all the time what else my husband could be doing to look for work and why he is not getting any response to the umpteen resumes he has sent out. As if I had an answer and, more importantly, as if I were keeping the reason to myself for some demented reason.  Seriously, do people really think we are enjoying this?  That we like worrying about how to hold onto the house, the cars, our minds? And other thing, I don't want to have people tell me that they are going to pray for us. I don't want to be prayed for, in fact, I don't want to be thought about at all, I just want to be normal again.  To go about my business not needing any additional spiritual help.  Believe me, I know their thoughts are well-intentioned but I so long to be part of the regular society again--no prayers required.

Since 2010, I have grown to hate this time of year while the other folks usher out the old year and look forward to a new start in the coming year. To be honest, I am terrified that 2013 is coming to bring more of the same bad luck just like 2011 and 2012 did for us. I've some wicked precedent, you know? I am afraid to be hopeful lest I need to prepare myself for another year like this one.

Would that I have a crystal ball that could tell me when this seemingly endless nightmare might truly be over. Then I could handle the countdown to that date, knowing this perpetuation of joblessness would finally have an end.  Since we are masters at networking, rewriting the resume, applying for jobs outside of my husband's comfort zone as well as to those well within his range of expertise, all alternative suggestions to the job search would be most welcome and appreciated.

Remember, you were forewarned.  I told you I was in a dark place (you should have seen what I deleted from this post!)