Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I just read an article about the supposed end of the world this Friday and I must admit that I simply cannot believe that the end could be so close at hand and that the gods could really be that cruel.  I mean think about it, could I really find my end while in the midst of the absolute worst time of my life?  My husband has been unemployed for almost three years now-yep, not a typo, I did mean years-and we are merely existing, our life is in a shambles and I spend my days near tears (except when my children are around because then my 'game face' is on).  Oh, no!  You can darn well bet I am not going out like this.  Heck, I am barely alive as it is so the way I figure it, I am some serious living left to do and no silly little calendar snafu is going to mess up my chances of making right the last three years (and counting...).

I enjoyed the article because it went on to explain that no one really knows what the Mayans had planned for various reasons none the least of which is that some of their writings were illegible.  The article also stated that it is believed in some circles that the Mayans looked at the end of these years as a new beginning, the start of a new and enlightened future. I need to believe that is true for myself as well. That 2012--and 2011 and 2010--are behind us now and that the future holds something far better for us. Besides, with my Dad's and my husband's birthday this Saturday and Santa arriving late Monday, I simply don't have time for the end of the world as I have too much left to do this week!

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