Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve's Eve

It is almost show time in our house, the eve of the most anticipated night of the year. Somehow, despite all my rigidity and careful planning, one minute I have a couple of months to prepare and then the next 'pow' the big night comes flying at me as if out of the  blue.  Believe me, I do not take anything lightly or approach things casually and Christmas is right up there at the top of my 'better be on top of this one' list, but with extremely limited funds, four children and absolutely zero spirit, I trudged through preparations as if walking through molasses, plodding and kind of stuck in an 'I don't want to deal with this' kind of inertia.  Be that as it may, I knew it was coming despite my trepidation so I was one hundred percent ready as of last week (at least in gift readiness, if not in spirit).

I have to admit that despite our difficult times of late, I really am a child at heart when it comes to Christmas and I go to great lengths to keep Santa's magic alive for my children.  One of them is definitely on the verge of needing to know the truth about Santa but I cannot bear to tell her the truth this year because I need to believe in this special magic and not have her grow up just yet.  I decided to use a practical reason to continue the magic at least for this year. When she was questioning me the other night, I told her that given our current financial status, the real proof of Santa's existence will be if there are gifts for everyone under the tree come Christmas morning because the only way they can be there is by Santa's magic. She does not need to know that Santa's elves were grandma and grandpa this year and she gets another year of wonder and awe in the season--and so does her mom.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and hoping that 2013 will be a better year for us with a job for my husband and a new undertone to my blogs.  I really can be quite amusing when life is going well, you know?

Ho ho ho

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