Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year?

What day of the year instills more fear in me than even my birthday?  Yes, you guessed it.  New Year's Eve. Oh, I know it is supposed to be a fresh start, a new blank year which offers (or should) a host of opportunities for bettering myself and my life.  So why am I so terrified, you might ask?  My anxiety stems from the worry that history might repeat itself yet again and that we might pass the third year of our unemployment on January 5th and start the clock ticking toward our 4th year.  Since 2010, I have held out great hope that the new year will bring positive changes for us and that our life will return to normal only to have those hopes dashed and find ourselves turning yet another calendar year praying for the exact same thing.  I thought the adage was 'third times the charm,' but apparently that does not hold true when searching for a job as our third year came up dry not unlike our first and second years.  Bummer.

This morning, adding to my already anxiety-filled day (drop the ball already and let's get started with 2013), I read the worst news.  No, not about the fiscal cliff...worse yet.  Kim Kardashian is pregnant and, yes, Kanye West is the father.  The heck with the Mayan predictions about December 21st, the end of the world is upon us now.  I mean, honestly, what the heck is Kim K famous for beyond her mom's awesome Kardashian branding talent?  Now, not only will every magazine and news show be documenting each and every second of her pregnancy, she will then have the requisite 'baby line' of clothing and home furnishings and, of course, her weight loss regime once she record her 'pre-baby weight.'  Not to mention, all the while raking in millions for doing what millions of women have done and will be doing, sans the hoopla, for millions of years.

So, 2013 will definitely be an awesome year for some and I hope that we can get our finger in that pie of success this year, too, preferably with blinders on to the Kardashian baby event.

Happy New Year!

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