Monday, May 20, 2013

Free For Real?

It never fails that when I sit to write there is usually a battle between two ideas which boils down to the blog I want/need to write versus the one I know I am going to write.  There really is no formula to choosing beyond trying to stay as PC as possible and trying to opt for the theme that will not scare readers into thinking that I have finally gone over the deep end--certainly don't need the men in white suits coming to take me away although it could be argued that on some days, a nice long respite in a padded room might just be what I need.  Today, I really wanted to write about the weather and how we feel doubly (fill in the blank) as we just made it through 7.5 months of winter hell to be greeted by no spring but variant and all-around crappy weather.  Our poor varsity lax team has only played four games this season--which ends Friday, mind you--and even their re-scheduled games are now frantically being re-scheduled again.  It stinks.  I realized, however, that beyond those two sentences about the weather I could not write a blog that was fit to print as it would be filled with profanity and probably some creepy comments about the state in which we live. Instead,  I am taking the high road this morning and have decided to blog about a new genre of bloggers I recently discovered, fashion bloggers.

Much to my husband's dismay, I have become somewhat obsessed with fashion bloggers of late. Ii know that begs the question as to what would be so interesting about a person who takes pictures of herself and then tells you where to buy the items, but I am here to tell you that my interest goes far deeper than discovering that Zara is a really cool site for shoes (no, really).  My interest was piqued when I starting realizing that a large percentage of these women were quite young, more oft than not between the ages of 24 and 35, and while they discussed having full time jobs and some having spouses, there was no way that their income could have afforded them the opportunity to buy all the very expensive items they were showing on their blogs.  My husband said that they must be getting the items from their sponsors as a marketing promo but because a majority of these items are luxury brands, I did not believe him.  I hate to admit it--ask my husband and he will agree--but after some research I discovered my husband had been right (yikes!). Unbelievable.  What a sweet deal--the free stuff, not my husband being right. I know that this is a simplistic approach to looking at this because I am sure that these women travel a lot to promote their blogs and work hard for the benefit of receiving these cool items, but, wow, what fun!  Sometimes, they even post pictures of the boxes of stuff they receive and what will be showing up on their blogs soon.  Since I am not a fan of TV at all, following some of these blogs might be my own demented version of reality TV--a dirty, little secret (not anymore though).

To some it may seem vapid and self-serving but on some level, this would be a fun job for me right now.  I would love to get goodies in the mail from Celine and Tory Burch and then photograph them and talk them up on my blog.  Of course, I do shy away from pictures as a rule and I have passed the age range of most fashion bloggers a 'few' years ago so I think I may need to rethink this career choice.  I suppose I will just take some time each day and live vicariously through them knowing that youth is fleeting but that these bloggers seem to truly be making the most of it.

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