Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As I sit poised with only 5.5 days of this school year left, I feel compelled to talk about the end of the year and the summer ahead and yet it is a blog I simply cannot write because I am filled with emotion at the thought of my son entering his senior year of high school.  I feel as though I had no prep for this, one minute he was a newborn in an adorable knitted cap nestled in my arms and the next, this.  People tell me that I will get used to it and that I need to let go.  Well, I don't let go.  Honestly, as much as I know he needs to be independent and go off to college, I am simply too selfish to understand how so many of his new memories will be made without me. Yes, told to me, but done either alone or with others. I have seen every milestone to date and now I need to give that up on some level.  I know I must handle it and 'buy a coping skill' as my close friend has often told me, but this is a tough one.  It is a direct hit to my heart.

So, I cannot write the words swirling in my end as this particular year draws to a close.  I have already written enough to start yet another seemingly endless crying jag as I try to figure out where the heck to buy that coping skill and how to buck up and be a big girl about this.  Instead, I leave you with this to ponder.  Why in the world has 'Pregnant Kim Kardashian' not figured out that people will stop making fun of her swollen feet if she would just stopping posting pictures of them?  Media hound plus pregnancy brain is a lethal combination.

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