Saturday, March 8, 2014

Got To Have Faith

A while back, I wrote a blog expounding upon how I no longer needed to write about unemployment, but we all know how that morphed into a lie.  Okay, lie is a strong word but trust me, I never ever (ever, get the point?) wanted to discuss that topic again.  Sadly, another corporate re-structuring changed that yet again. Fear not, readers, this post is not going to be filled with hate-filled invectives about our plight or the necessity of us finding a job because not having a job (and money!!!) is pretty annoying and suffocating, to say the least.  It is, however, going to be a testament to my husband's big heart, creativity and overall sense of stewardship as it relates to his seemingly never-ending job search and finely-honed networking skills.  You see, after countless years of networking and fine-tuning his '30 second elevator speech' (basically a hyper-condensed version of his resume), he is starting his own networking group at our church.  When he first came to me to discuss the idea, I have to admit I was skeptical not only because it was such a large undertaking, but I also did not think that he would be able convince the 'powers that be' at church to allow the meeting to be held there.  As seems to be the case of late, I was wrong again and he was greeted with open arms.  Perhaps even better for his 'lack of a job' bruised ego, they loved his ideas and have given him carte blanche in implementing those ideas for the meetings. He is energized in a way I have not seen of late and while we are still on the hunt for a 'real job,' I am so proud of him for pushing forth and trying to help other people even though he may not be feeling so great about himself right now.

How I wish that a recruiter could see the level of professionalism my husband possesses and the intense desire he has to be successful at whatever he chooses to do.  My hope is that this new endeavor not only helps its participants find employment, but that through his selfless desire to 'give back,' my husband is rewarded with a job as well.  He has certainly worked hard for it.

For information about the group, check out the group page on Linkedin SJTW Job Transition and Networking Group or contact me at  Spread the word!

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