Sunday, August 12, 2012


I am at a loss.  When did my children become so needy?  While I am on the topic, how did they come to believe that what they want to say can be said at any time, regardless of whether or not someone else is speaking or involved in something else?  Specifically, that 'someone else' is usually me.  Sadly, I am actually the source of the problem to some extent as it is I who encouraged them to have opinions and to consider their feelings and needs whenever possible--often to the subjugation of my own feelings and needs.  Now, I seem to have created a monster...or four.

Some days I am so inundated with opinions, thoughts and needs that my mind can barely function on the basics; I find I am stumbling over my own words, forgetting the most obvious ones because there is just so much language flying around in my head. So now that I have identified the problem, how do I make it better you might ask?  I wish I had an answer. One of my biggest issues is that I really love the fact that they are so comfortable with discussing things with me and that they want to share their opinions with me-though maybe not all at the same time might be nice.  I wish they could understand that sometimes less really is more.

My husband thinks I am too lenient and available for them and perhaps he has a point, albeit a small one, but with one child talking about college non-stop, I am all too aware of how quiet this house will be.  One day all too soon, I am going to to wish my beautiful children would be needing me as much as they do right now.  That said, a little quiet might be nice!

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