Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Arrest Warrant

There I was this morning, going about my day not even thinking about the anxiety-producing trials that I had been subjected to last year when, out of the blue, I received an email from the victim's advocate. Trust me, after the ordeal I went through over the course of two plus years with this nonsense, just receiving the email was enough to throw me over the edge, but then I did a foolish thing.  I read it.  Apparently, the defendant did not show up for her sentencing yesterday morning.  It begs the question why not, no?  Well, she decided to steal something in another city and was caught on video doing so.  I was now being informed that yet another arrest warrant had been issued for her but, the frustrating fact is that she is out and about, back to her old tricks--don't think she ever stopped, right?  I suppose the fear of going away for seven years was not enough to coerce her to stay on the straight and narrow nor is the post-trial process stringent enough to keep her in one place and get her to show up for her own sentencing.

In addition, I was assured that her probation officer was to have seen her last week but it seems she was a no-show there as well.  In and of itself that was not encouraging and perhaps should have been a tip off that she was not going to be bothered with showing up at the sentencing and then heading to jail.  I mean, seriously, she has more 'work' to do.  To say I am annoyed would be a gross understatement of how I am feeling at the moment.  Back when this whole trial event started, I was told that I had to show up because I had been subpoenaed and that there was no 'out' for me despite my fear in having to face the defendants.  I was also told that had I moved (ha) back east, I would need to return for the trials regardless of the fact that I do not fly and that it would have taken days by train to get here for a ten minute testimony.  I did my 'time' dealing with this farce and now I really do feel that the defendant has 7 years of jail time that I want to see her deal with.  After what she put me through, it is the least she could do.

The email also stated that I need to wait until she is apprehended again.  Ah, justice, sometimes the wheels grind slowly but this time, they are turning in reverse!

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