Friday, July 13, 2012


I suppose it being the middle of summer and all, one might expect the title of this blog to relate to the weather  but one would be mistaken.  'Hot' actually refers to my mood and not the soaring temperatures.  Without disclosing all the details of today's (interesting that it is , in fact, Friday the 13th) frustrations, let's just say it was yet another day filled with annoying neighbors. I am so tired of being patient and understanding with them.  You see, I was brought up to believe that I needed to be 'the bigger person'--it is my mom's almost all-time favorite mom-ism--which translates loosely to taking the high road at all times.  I was also taught to respect other people in the fullest sense of the word from their opinions to their time, property, feelings and everything in between.  Apparently, a few of my neighbors did not have the same upbringing or, if they did, they have selective retention and they did not retain the important things.

I am tired of being Mrs. Nice, of being accommodating to disrespectful children and their parents and of being taken advantage of just because I chose to stay at home with my children (emphasis on 'my').  My mom tells me that I am 'too nice' and that I should be treating those in question as they treat me--please take note of the fact that this is in direct opposition to the way she raised me!  Apparently my nieghbors' behavior is ticking her off as well.  Break point!

I read a book many years ago that related to a woman's inner bitch.  I am beginning to feel her ugly head rising from deep within my soul and I have the distinct impression I might be embracing her before summer's end.  My outer good girl is cracking and my inner bitch is craving her chance in the sun.

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