Monday, September 10, 2012


Sometimes I think change is over-rated.  Oh sure, I embrace change more easily than most and given our life status right now, I had better be able to adapt or life could get really messy.  I need to embrace the fact that change is good, it shakes up the mind oftentimes brings clarity once I get over the shock.  Our life is filled with more questions than answers, more tumult than stability. I hate to admit it but it is filled with more fear and sadness than it should be especially with young children.  The most import point I try to drive home to them is that change, though sometimes unwanted, is character building.  It requires a lot of inner strength to not become mired in the 'if onlys,' but to focus on making the new alternative a positive and happy experience.

That said, sometimes change just stinks as evidenced by the upgrade on my search engine (I bet you thought I would be taking this blog in a different direction, eh?).  Why, oh, why would this company remove my most favorite element, the ability to email a page merely by pressing the button?  How the heck is this an upgrade?  I now have to copy and paste when I can, but most of the time that is impossible with numerous pages to email, so I just skip it.  Bummer.  I would love to have been sitting in on the meeting of the minds who decided to kill my button in an effort to 'upgrade' their engine.  I would have loved to give them a piece of my mind but there is so little left these days, I cannot afford to give any away so easily.

I did say change was character building, right?  Don't tell my children, but sometimes I don't believe all the things that actually come out of my mouth either.

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