Sunday, September 23, 2012

Knowing Headaches

This has been an odd weekend for me.  The days have crawled by for no apparent reason and their length is so obvious, even my husband commented that these two days seem much longer than most.  Try as I might, I cannot put a finger on why they seem unbearably long as the weekend has been pretty good.  The weather has been gorgeous and we have spent a lot of time outside playing plus, despite our usual weekend homework wars, there were no big battles to be fought.  As a matter of fact, I started the weekend off in a particularly good mood as my best friend had brain surgery on Thursday morning and had already texted me (yes, I blown away, too) by Friday morning.  By Friday afternoon, she had already called me and she was happily ensconced at home by 1pm EST on Saturday.  The weeks leading up to the surgery were filled with dread and fear of the unknown and yet, after 4.5 hours of surgery, she was able to text and talk to me the very next day.  We are all amazed and very, very grateful.

Of course, being prone to migraines myself, I could not have survived the weekend without a monster 'post-traumatic stress' whopper of a headache hitting me at 3am this morning.  Nothing starts the morning off right better than being startled awake by searing pain such that I thought my brain was exploding within the confines of my skull.  Being no stranger to these headaches and knowing their aftermath intimately, I braced for a long day and was met with one.  When I told my friend about my migraine (interestingly she has not suffered even a mild headache since her operation), she suggested I try a craniotomy (ever the jokester), too.  So, in honor of her suggestion, and because I am such a control freak, I am looking up instructions for a 'do it yourself' version on the web.  She got quite a chuckle out of my suggestion and told me that she would not have expected me to go about it any other way.  This from the same woman who told me that whenever she is feeling down, she thinks about my life and then she feels blessed.  Gotta love her!

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