Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Rush It?

Let me preface this post by letting you know that I am in a dark place today, a black mood so to speak,  so those of you looking for an uplifting, life affirming read, please check back later as this one will not satisfy you in the least. Right now, I seem to be grappling with the speed with which our lives are flying by, and yet, how we are steadfastly mired in one place while others seem to be moving forward, growing and changing, all the while making plans and actually seeing them to fruition.  It is a marvel to us that we seem to be trying all different options and yet nothing seems to be working.  Maintaining our optimism is really an option that has worn out its welcome and despite my efforts to 'stay positive' for the children, I am feeling pretty battle weary.  I have been dreading the holidays since we started school knowing that they would be speeding our way now and we would be hit full-on while we are still financially unstable.  Which leads directly to my gripe of the day...while it is bad enough that I need to face the fact that the holidays are coming, I ask you, must they all come at once?

I was shopping yesterday and I entered a store which had Halloween displayed out in front, Thanksgiving/harvest right behind that and the entire other side of the store was Christmas-themed.  Holy heck!  It was my worst nightmare come to life.  Had this retailer somehow entered my thoughts and decided to hand me my own personal horror story in a one-stop shopping environment?  My money, lots of holidays to manage...bulked out in my honor. I simply do not understand the rush to get through all the holidays we are supposed to enjoy.  Retailers did not do this back when I was a child and yet we managed to get through each one with decorations and gifts as applicable.  How did we manage to do that with so little prep time?  A wonder, no?

Unfortunately, in our rush-rush society, this seems to be our new normal for the holiday season. So, with that in mind, I am heading to Target and since I find them to always be head of the game, I will be sure to pick up some Valentine cards along with my groceries.

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