Wednesday, February 22, 2012


For the better part of the day, my brain was thisclose to imploding, quite literally collapsing on itself in a pain-infused heap ultimately giving into the throbbing, vice-like ache that are my migraines.  I have often told my husband that during these episodes I would like nothing more than to carefully remove my brain, gently wash it in the sink in warm, soapy water, cradle it dry in a fluffy towel and then place it in a soft bed (on lots of fluffy pillows) and let it rest in a darkened room.  Of course, what generally happens is that I have an action-filled day complete with tons of errands, annoying salesclerks and a steady dose of Excedrin popping that seems to do nothing for the migraine but wreaks havoc on my already queasy stomach.

I have read more literature and talked to more doctors who emphasize and re-emphasize the importance of learning your 'migraine triggers' so that they can be avoided.  The most obvious for me is stress.  My house just hit the market, our contractor is coming tomorrow, my youngest is complaining of a headache and I already have at least five 'must do' things this weekend--not to mention potential house showings. Something tells me that I need to start mainlining Excedrin right now!

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