Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wet Snow

Last night it snowed for the first time in I cannot tell you how long.  Big, wet flakes started falling around 7 o'clock and then the wind kicked in and started sending the snow laterally across the sky.  It quickly blanketed the ground and the streets giving all it touched that beautiful 'winter wonderland' look.  When I took our dog out, the world seemed so quiet. The reflection of the moonlight on the snow was so bright, it lit up the corridor straight into our backyard.  The snow was still falling then but I did not mind as it was not overly cold and I was happy thinking of myself walking through what appeared to be a giant snowglobe.

Then morning came and did my perspective changed.  Now that snowglobe needed to be shoveled and we needed to leave early for school as anyone who drives knows that once a flake falls, people forget how to drive.  Immediately after breakfast, my children headed outside to start shoveling.  Those beautiful flakes were now a wet mass of almost 4 inches of extremely heavy snow that needed to be cleared.  My youngest, a boy with an amazing work ethic, immediately threw his entire body behind his shovel and started clearing snow better than any plow I have ever seen.  I headed outside to help and together we cleaned the entire driveway in record time ( my back is sore enough to prove it).  As I was doling out well-deserved praised, I realized that I was a child short.  Didn't I have another child, a brand spanking new teenager at that who could have certainly helped to lighten this heavy load? 

A quick check inside and I knew I had been right.  I did, indeed, have another child conspicuosly absent from the shoveling trio I had been working with outside.  Thankfully, my new teen quickly allayed my concerns as to why he was not outside helping his siblings by explaining--quite artfully and articulately, I might add-- that gamers don't shovel snow.  Well, that explains that. Now I understand! That said, after a brief but pointed explaination as to the error in his logic, I firmly believe I will have an extra pair of 'gamer hands' ready to assist with the next snowfall removal.

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