Monday, February 27, 2012

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Everyone is talking about the big storm that is going to hit our area over the next two days.  We talk about it as if it isn't Minnesota, no less.  In our defense, we have been lulled into a snow- less euphoria given that this much anticipated large snow event, our first of the season, is happening at the end of February and not the start of December.  We have been spoiled by 'balmy' temperatures and driving on asphalt that is black and not covered in three inch thick ice as it usually is at this point in winter.  It has been, in a word, heaven.

Tonight, however, the calm is gone and I am already worrying about cleaning the driveway and the steps, getting the children to school on time and whether or not our contractor will be able to get here to finish up the work he started last week.  When we lived on the east coast, school snow days were plentiful so much so that I would dread even the threat of snow as sometimes that is all it took for a closure to happen.  Anticipated snow fall totals threw headmasters and principals alike into a frenzy of second guessing whether a school should merely delay opening or close completely. With this storm promising to bring snowfall totals in the double digits, I yearn for a snow day now, but since our school prides itself on not having had a snow-related closing in 8 years--give or take--I had better have those shovels at the ready because I have a sinking feeling school will be in session.

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