Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Has Happened To Me?

If you ask my friends (and my husband and definitely my mom) I am sure they would tell you that I can be a tad pessimistic but I would argue this point as I believe that there is a line, albeit a fine one at times, between pessimism and just simply being realistic.  I embrace the fact that I will never be considered a 'glass half-full' kind of gal, but I also know that I am not perpetually walking around with a dark cloud over my head like in one of those prescription anti-depressant ads we so often see on television.  One thing we can all agree on, however, is that no one would ever consider me to be an optimist...until now.

After having lived through (okay, suffered through) my husband's two year bout of unemployment, we will be moving to Boston.  Being from the east coast and desperately trying to return since our move here, I am on cloud nine.  Moving is not simple in any situation but, add the fact that my husband will not be around for the mayhem ( interesting how that works, no?) plus add multiple children and a dog to the mix and you have the makings for a full-blown, months' long, migraine-filled pain fest.  While others might be cowering in their shoes,  I cannot wait to get started.  Don't get me wrong, our time here has been both interesting and fun but, unless you have lived through long-term unemployment, you cannot understand the feeling of euphoria when faced with the prospect of being 'normal' again.  While nothing has changed yet beyond the knowledge of what is to come, I feel so different that I am sure everyone can tell something terrific is happening for us.  I caught sight of myself in a store mirror the other day and I actually looked happy.  I hardly recognized myself!

Everything has changed for us and the world seems a brighter place right now.  The albatross has been lifted from our shoulders and, dare I say it?  I am quite optimistic about our future.

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  1. SO happy for your
    family, Lisa! Know it
    will be an adjustment,
    but life is an adventure
    is you look at it that way.
    Best of luck as you all
    navigate the months
    ahead. William and his
    buddies will all miss Marshall!