Monday, January 30, 2012

Have A Heart

Ever since getting our labradoodle three years ago, I have become obsessed with 'doodles' and all their playful, fluffy quirkiness.  Just before purchasing our dog, Phoebe, from her breeder, I logged onto the computer to search for information on the breed and stumbled upon an amazing social networking site dedicated to doodles (  I now spend more time than I should be admitting to on the site chatting with 'cyber-friends' all about our dogs and various and sundry other fun topics.  There is a section on the site dedicated to the wonderful work of the DRC (Doodle Rescue Collective), an organization which rescues doodles from families who can no longer care for their dogs because of illness or financial reasons.  The volunteers also remove dogs from high kill shelters or other terrible conditions and life-threatening situations.  This amazing organization then finds fosters who care for the dogs, help with their training, make sure they receive medical care and, perhaps most importantly, love these dogs as if they were their own until 'forever homes' can be found.

It breaks my heart to read the stories about the dogs and how they had the misfortune to land in these terrible conditions through no fault of their own.  I try to help the cause by donating money and by posting some of the listings on other social networking sites in an effort to get the dogs placed as quickly as possible, but it never seems as if I am doing enough.  Dog ownership is a huge responsibility but its benefits far outweigh the effort when you get to play, walk and cuddle your furry friend and companion.  There are many breed-specific rescue groups out there doing wonderful work for their cause so, if you or someone you know is in the market for a furry family member, please consider adopting and becoming a forever family to one of these will be rewarded by their unconditional love for a lifetime.

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