Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today Is Your Birthday!

Yes, I have become a crazy dog person. C'mon, you know the type of person I am talking about, we all do.  While I do not wear clothes emblazoned with puppies wearing bows (okay, I do have one shirt that has a doodle on it and says 'It's all about the doodle' but I only wear it in the house), I do talk incessantly to Phoebe, our labradoodle, and I ask her questions and wait for an answer. I have been known to dress her up for Halloween and buy her multiple gifts from 'Santa' (I get annoyed if one of the children mentions it in front of her, lest it spoil the surprise). I also believe that her birthday should be celebrated with full abandon. So, since today is her 3rd birthday, I am dedicating this blog to her for all the joy she has brought us since her arrival on that cold night in March a few years back.  She flew all the way from Arkansas--during a rogue but dangerous ice storm--to Dallas and then into our arms.  Her quirky demeanor has brightened many a gray day for us and she deserves for this day to be special.  The gifts are bought and wrapped and her party hat is ready for her photo op tonight-we are ready to celebrate. Happy birthday, Phoebe!

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