Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've Been Wondering...

What are the odds that 2012 will be a turn around year for my family?  If we look at the past two years, I would say that the odds might be against us and yet something 'feels' different about this new year.  I can assure you that nothing has changed enough to make me feel confident that 2012 might bring about big changes, but I just cannot deny that there seems to be an air of difference, a turning of the tide, if you will.

So, I've been wondering if this itchy feeling I have been having--you know, I cannot sit still in my brain, I need to 'do something' but I have no idea what it is that needs doing--might be a foretelling of something good about to happen.  Dare I wish for it?  Dare I take the chance to embrace optimism and give myself fully to the opportunity it might bring?  I think I might have to scratch the itch and see if we finally get some relief.

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