Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's For Dinner?

I need an elf.  Seriously.  Perhaps it is the fifteen to twenty loads of clothes I wash each and every week without a break--not even on Christmas or Mother's Day--or maybe it is the fact that my teenager asks what we are having for dinner before we even eat breakfast each morning that I am feeling a tad over-burdened with responsibility these days.  I would love it if someone asked me what I wanted for dinner as opposed to what I will be serving that evening. 

Can you imagine the sheer joy of having an elf--a wonderful little imp who would sneak around and get things done for you?  A little 'doer' who would see a need--say a cluttered countertop or a meal to be made--and 'poof,' she would accomplish the task without argument or hassle and with no expectation of thanks. Sadly, it seems my cries for an elf have gone unanswered today so I suppose the question of what's for dinner awaits an answer from me but I certainly hope I get some elfin inspiration though!

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