Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post-holiday Blues

All that time and planning and in a mere week we have put Christmas behind us, turned a calendar page to a new year and we are now readying ourselves for the return to school (and homework, tests, finals, play practice, choir, baseball tryouts, First Reconciliation and the usual weekly activities...and this is only January, the pace picks up as we near spring). I love the holiday season and always swear to pay more attention to enjoying the preparations but, I fall far short of my expectations and then I am always a little sad when I did not find the time to do all that I had planned or to have captured every moment.

As I type this entry, the wind is howling, a constant reminder that there is a lot of winter still ahead.  That knowledge certainly does nothing to improve my already melancholic mood, but it does make me long for summer all the more.

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