Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunch Interrupted

I awoke feeling a little anxious today--okay, full-on crazed what with a very busy week ahead--so I decided to indulge in a little comfort food for lunch.  Now by no means am I a stranger to indulging in food, but lunch has never been a favorite of mine so I can easily get by on some rice or a salad and I am good to go. As I was doing my usual chores, I was contemplating (okay, fantasizing) about what 'really bad for my hips' lunch I was going to prepare when it hit me!  I wanted a big, open-faced grilled cheese sandwich--not one of those mundane white bread/plastic American cheese kiddie grilled types, though I have been known to enjoy those as well on bad days. I needed the grown-up version.  The only way to go today was to choose a big, thick slice of really crusty sourdough bread, broil it on each side to ensure it would be super crunchy and then top it off with a couple of thick slices of peppery Monterey Jack cheese which I planned to melt until they were bubbly and brown.  Yum.

I went out to buy the components of my sandwich and counted the minutes until my decidedly very early lunch.  My 'cheesy bread' did not disappoint; it was sheer perfection, a molten masterpiece, if I do say so myself.  Then, the phone rang.  I had to answer as it was a call I had been waiting for and could not postpone.  I stared at my lunch longingly and even toyed with the idea of biting off a piece but opted not to as the crunching sound would certainly have been deafening, not to mention lacking in etiquette.  I made the call as brief as possible but then another call flashed in and I was thwarted yet again.  This call went a little longer than I had hoped and by the time I got to eat my lunch it was a cold, congealed, sorry slab of a former meal with delicious potential.  The moral of my story is that the next time I decide to treat myself for lunch, I am taking myself out and leaving my cell phone home!

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