Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's For Dinner?

A few weeks ago, my double wall ovens decided that they wanted their chance at annoying me, too, since my family was having so much fun with it.  Both of them decided that they needed the rest that I so longed for, so they stopped working rather than forging on ahead as I have been known to do despite exhaustion.  To be honest, I was annoyed by their surprise death as they had shown no signs of illness the night before.  I called the repairman and was told that the part needed to be ordered and so began our foray into a week of stove top meals. Chili, crab cakes, Mexican chicken and pasta with meat sauce. You name it and I made it all over rice or pasta-carb heaven.

I looked so forward to today when my ovens would be brought back to the land of the living and I could make cupcakes.  I needed a cupcake!  But, alas, there would be no cupcake making today as my poor ovens have yet to be resuscitated.  I was told we would need yet another part and...wait for will take yet another week to arrive.  As I was pouring over websites for new and exciting stove top recipes, I could not shake the feeling that my once dutiful ovens were pretty happy with this nice respite from constant use.  But the worst part of all is that I don't get to make those stinking cupcakes and I really need a cupcake today!

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