Sunday, January 8, 2012

Extreme Green

Last night, I read an article about a family whose entire output of garbage for one year fit into a medium-sized glass jar.  No, I do not spend my evenings scouring 'green' magazines for ideas but, instead, am prone to a more guilty pleasure of checking out what celebrities are wearing or getting a serious dose of upcoming fashion trends.  It was in one of 'those' magazines that I found this particular article.  I am trying not to be overly judgmental and given that my personal carbon footprint would be Big Foot-sized if not for my husband's chiding, but this does seem a tad extreme (bordering on downright impossible for regular folk, no?).  To be honest, my seeming lack of regard for the environment stems less from wanting to think about future generations and more from my own OCD tendencies and overall distaste for anything piling up or waiting to be saved for recycling.  I also cannot imagine taking glass jars to stores to be filled up with food nor could I ever wear second-hand clothes no matter how many times I had washed them before wearing them.  The thought of a compost heap in my yard with lots of 'good, earth-friendly worms' only makes for horrific nightmares for me instead of the  organically grown produce this mom lovingly grew at her house.  While I certainly applaud this family's efforts, I think I will continue to keep candy in my jars and garbage in our large garbage can and try not get too annoyed at my husband when he takes cans out of the garbage and washes them for recycling.

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