Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Wonders Never Cease?

I now have proof that miracles (while not an awesome religious miracle but surely, by definition, a wonder or a marvel) really do happen.  Our school closed because of the snow today.  I know for many of you who have snow days all the time that this comment may not sound like much but, to us, this news was truly miraculous because our school has not had a snow day in close to six years.  That's right, folks, six years.  It is not because we do not have big snow storms here in MN, it is just that we are expected to make it school whether the sun is shining or we have white-out conditions and 16 inches of snow in the forecast.  Since moving here from the east coast, we have had to develop a kind of 'take no prisoners' approach to getting to school.  Mailmen have nothing on me as I have driven to school in rain, snow and sleet the likes of which I have never seen before--not to mention traveling on side roads so covered in inches of rock-solid ice that my SUV would be some serious competition on Skating with the Stars.

Seeing the cancellation on the internet and then getting that confirmation call was like Christmas all over again.  Once my children got over their initial shock, it was party central here.  What a happy leap day this is because we finally got a snow day.  Of course, I wish I could bottle this feeling as once we return to the east coast, where snow days are plentiful and occur even with the mere threat of snow, I might not be so euphoric when snow is in the forecast.

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