Monday, March 5, 2012

Interest In Pinterest

I have developed a strange obsession with a new (or at least new to me) website called Pinterest which is an online pin board.  Don't get it?  Neither did I at first because I just could not understand why anyone would get excited about a virtual bulletin board. The entire concept is somewhat foreign and unrealistic in the real world but, in a virtual one, it takes on a whole new dimension.  For instance, while I would never visit a friend and start removing and copying funny items or recipes from the bulletin board above her desk, online I could do just that and more--without being looked upon as strange to boot!  Pinterest enables members to post items to their virtual boards under any number of headings such as fashion, humor, food or any almost any other topic you can imagine.  Then you can scroll through the boards and pick and choose items of interest and post them to your board.  One of the best features is that when you click on a picture, you are taken directly to the site for the recipe or the instructions for a craft.  See it, like it, make it--never been easier.  The member also has the ability to 'pin' (think virtually cut out a picture) from other websites and post them as well.  I have even seen 'pin it' icons showing up on sites I frequent making the process all the easier.

The reason for mentioning this site tonight is that I have had a really stressful afternoon what with a new teenager blaming me for all that has gone wrong in his life, homework issues and sibling arguments (and this was all before we even walked in the door from school).  It seems that Pinterest has become a calming mechanism for me, a great way to spend five or ten minutes that requires no thought at all.  The site has a humor section that never fails to make me laugh and I often find myself pinning and emailing the jokes and photos to family and friends.  I figured that in today's stress-filled world, everyone could use a little mindless fun now and again so I thought I would share.  Happy pinning!

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