Saturday, March 31, 2012

Be Warned

I am in a foul, foul mood this morning, its origin a phone call from my darling husband (DH) yesterday evening.  DH informed me of a shake-up at work, not affecting him --yet?, but worrisome enough to have me obsessing about the what the if's especially right after our two-year bout of unemployment.  Further fueling the fire of my annoyance is my backache that stems not from over-exerting myself while exercising (which would at least give me some street cred), but from running into my son's room because he called for me in the middle of the night...again.  Ouch--double-time--once because it hurts and twice because he should be sleeping through the night by now (and I should stop being his enabler but I cannot stop jumping up when he calls...shame on me).

In addition to all this, I committed the biggest what not to do when cranky act. I went on Facebook and read all about everyone's super vacations, brilliant children and 'perfect husband's' and then I checked their photos out, too, just because I am a card-carrying masochist.  On a good day, I believe about half of what I read but, on a day like this, I want to believe it all and feel very sorry for myself  with my unmercilessly stressful yet mostly ho-hum life right now.

For all those who are even considering crossing my path today, be warned.  I am emotionally fragile and quick to fly off the handle plus school resumes on Monday after our two week break and I don't want to go back yet.  Oh, boo hoo for me!

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