Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Pink Raincoat

While I certainly cannot complain about the amazingly warm winter we have been having, the rain today, coupled with my already gray mood, has made me a tad cranky.  Because my canine pal expects her mid-day walk regardless of my varying moods, I pulled myself away from my chores and got out her pink raincoat.  Now, I am not a fan of clothing my dog but the raincoat is an absolute necessity as her fleece-like fur retains each and every drop of water that hits it and she takes forever to dry.  She, however, would rather risk the drying time than wear the coat although she does not put up one bit of resistance-- unless you count the death-stare looks she gives me.  I have often verbalized to her that no one is looking at her and that she should be happy that she will stay dry, but I think she feels otherwise.  I silently prayed that the weather would keep the foot traffic to a minimum, but it seems I found each and every runner out there and each one, as they blew passed us, made some sort of comment about that darned raincoat further fueling Phoebe's annoyance. It was not a fun walk at all.

I did not think I could get any more cranky but as I went to clean up her 'deposit,' I realized that during her morning walk my son had ripped the bag off the roll at its midpoint (not the perforated end) which left me with a lovely purple plastic bracelet but no sealed bag.  As the rain came down further soaking me, my pants and my glasses, rendering them almost useless, out of the corner of my eye I caught Phoebe smirking.  Now I know that look as my teenage son gives it to me all the time--that 'ha ha' look who has the last laugh kind of look.  I chose not to respond to her, however, I took the high-road and not the bait because I hold the trump card.  The other day, I found the fuzzy bunny ears she wore for Easter last year.  I think in a few weeks I will be having the last laugh, don't you think?  Can you say 'photo op,' Phoebe?

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