Thursday, March 29, 2012


I always wanted to be the type of person who cannot eat when stressed or the person who 'forgets' to eat when busy.  Huh?  Forget to eat?  Who can do that?  I might have a million things to do but I would never forget to eat, heck, eating is a top priority for me which I literally factor into my day. By the way, I also throw in a couple of snack times given that my stomach always alerts me that too much time has passed since it last felt sated.  Don't get me wrong,  I don't spend time wearing a Doritos bag on my face--though they are yummy--but my love of food stems back to my childhood with my little Italian Grandma making the most delectable, mouth-watering dishes whose scrumptious flavors and textures I can still conjure in my mind's eye.

There is a mom I know from school who has a blog where she posts dishes that she prepares along with some brief and witty commentary.  The photos, which she takes herself, cast her food in an almost perfect light making her creations almost leap off the screen.  Between checking out her blog daily and reading all the food magazines that I do, I suppose I will never be able to 'forget to eat' because I love the constant reminder of all those amazing concoctions and will not accept the bland  life I would have without eating them.  Forget to eat? Honestly, why would I ever want to.

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