Monday, March 26, 2012

How Many Guesses?

What is worse than driving over 25 hours in a car with four children and one sick husband after having spent the night in only one hotel room because your confirmed adjoining rooms apparently were not that confirmed?  What is worse is seeing said sick husband get back on a plane before dawn after the hell-ride and ending up with a sick child to care for during the final week of spring break. Apparently, all those germs from the passenger seat had no trouble locating our son all the way in the back of the car. This is not the way I had planned the second week of break to go and my poor little guy is so cranky and feverish that he is breaking my heart.  Add to that the cold and blustery day we returned to, the Mt. Everest-sized mountain of laundry from our week's vacation, the mad dash sprucing up for the two home showings this afternoon and a case of the blues from their subsequent cancellation and you have the makings of one crabby mom.

I had hoped that this would be a calm week before heading back to school what with its 'race to the finish' pace now that spring break will be over and the end of the school year is a mere two months away.  In hindsight, instead of bottling the sand from the beach we frequented last week, I should have been bottling the calm I had felt as I know I would love to be drinking that in right about now.

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