Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Road Trip

After just having spent close to 28 hours in a car over the course of two days, I have absolutely no idea how or why the RV industry could be doing so well.  I have spoken to people who really enjoy this type of long distance travel, people who actually enjoy piling their children and their belongings into their car and going 'roadtripping.' I just don't get it.  I just survived (barely) a 28 hour car trip over the course of two days and if I never have to get back in that car again, it will be too soon for me.  Triathletes have nothing on me as I have gone the distance while listening to the same four DVDs over 1300 miles all while meting out various sorts of reprimands, answering hundreds of questions (many having just been asked by a sibling) and doling out snacks faster than a street vendor during the Feast of St. Anthony.

We arrived in darkness to the smell of the ocean and the waves crashing to the shore.  In order to survive the busy, over-scheduled week ahead, I am choosing to lose myself in that moment and not dwell on the fact that, at the end of the week, I need to make that hell-ride one more time.

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