Friday, April 13, 2012

Angels and Devils

My son is reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis in Moral Theology class and he has been encouraging me to read it as well and to attend the series of lectures being offered to parents moderated by one of his favorite teachers.  Critical reading when my life is in critical condition is not exactly something I want to be doing, but my son is enjoying discussing the book's theme with me none the less.  Very simplistically, one aspect of the book's theme is that we each have a guardian angel whose job it is to keep us on the straight and narrow, so to say, and a devil, whose job it is to coerce us to leave that path and join him on the dark side.  I immediately thought of the Looney Tune's cartoon in which Daffy Duck's angel and devil duked it out on his shoulders--an apt portrayal.  So, given my life's situation right now, it begs the question as to where my angel is as I am totally embroiled in devilish thoughts.  Is it (I was always taught that angels were gender-neutral) sleeping, vacationing perhaps or simply slacking off?  I am trying very hard to stay focused and positive but I could really use some help right about now.

My celebrity crush is Johnny Depp (to some of my newer friends, I know this might come as a shock) and yesterday I saw that he was the featured guitarist in Marilyn Manson's band a few days ago.  I couldn't help myself so I watched the video.  I know nothing about Marilyn Manson behind what I see at face value and, while he might be a very nice person, to me, he looks like the devil incarnate and his music is as discordant, scary and over the top as he is.  As I was watching Johnny play the guitar with Marilyn storming around on the stage, I could not help but think that the song I was hearing represented my life at this moment...totally out of control. In fact,  I even mentioned to my husband that I should change my cellphone ringtone from Flo Rida's Good Feeling to this Manson tune as it more closely represents how I am feeling right now. 

Guardian angel, are you there?  Help!

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