Monday, April 30, 2012


When not mired in the mess that is our life right now, I am often contemplating how my life will change once my oldest heads off to college. I can only stick with those thoughts for a few moments, however, as once the tears start streaming I find it is best to put myself happily in denial, grab a cup of coffee and return to my mental 'dark place' filled with unpleasant thoughts about our current situation. I try to find solace (ha ha) in us being miserable together.  Aren't I all sweetness and light these days?  Actually, this is not going to be one of my maudlin blogs bemoaning the current state of my misguided life--breathe easy and read on as I will not be the one to depress you today. 

Have you ever seen the movie "21" starring Kevin Spacey?  Basically, the plot is a about an MIT senior who has gotten into Harvard Medical School but cannot afford the tuition without a scholarship.  The competition for the scholarship is fierce as one might expect, so he is wooed by Kevin Spacey's character to learn to read cards while playing blackjack to win big in Las Vegas.  When it comes time for the interview for the scholarship, the interviewer recounts some stories about other candidates that had 'wowed' him and then tells this young man 'dazzle me.'  Obviously, he has a very interesting and compelling story to recount.  Since viewing the movie together, my son and I often discuss what might be his 'dazzle me' and what he might say to impress an interviewer during a college interview.

Which leads me to my friend's daughter.  I first met my friend when we were brand new moms fifteen years ago, during a class offered at the hospital at which we gave birth just seventeen days apart.  This weekend, her daughter, a sophomore in HS, swam in her first open water 5K national event.  This young lady is also a straight A student who added an additional course to her load so that she could study Mandarin Chinese in addition to French and Spanish.  She is a champion swimmer, plays in her high school's marching band and is active in her church.  There were doubts as to whether or not she would be able to complete the race as she is normally tentative about swimming anywhere other than in a pool and yet she not only finished the race, but she swam better than a few other more seasoned racers to boot.

So when that college interviewer starts asking her questions, he had better be prepared because there is no doubt he is going to be dazzled!

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