Friday, April 20, 2012

Work To Find Work

There is no possible way to sugar coat the job search process--it is a bitter pill to swallow.  Adding insult to injury, you can be doing everything right, from networking and keeping your account current to applying for countless positions found on job websites, and you can still remain unemployed for weeks, months and years on end.  You are like the single person longing to meet the right person to spend the rest of her life with only to find out that the search could take much longer than anticipated--always a bridesmaid, never a bride, so to speak. Some people might tell you that you 'need to make your own way' and to utilize your unemployed status to 'truly find out what it is that you want to be doing with your life.'  Huh?  Begs the question if these people have mortgages and bills to pay, no?  Quite frankly, I am beyond tired of reading magazine articles about those who were let go from a job and now feel that it was the best thing that ever happened to them or, better yet, those who lost a job but then went on to make millions.  Our reality is that we are trying desperately hard to stay focused on the job search, keep our childrens' lives as 'normal' as possible under the circumstances and not fall behind on our bills.  We don't have the time nor the luxury to try to figure out what we really want to do with our lives as our bills are screaming 'pay us now!'

One day--hopefully very, very soon--we are going to find a stable job so that we can finally close the chapter on this unfortunate phase in our lives once and for all.  It really would be nice to be able to write about something else for a change, maybe even something happy for a change.

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