Friday, May 25, 2012


So here is my dilemma for the day (okay, so it is not just the dilemma for today but it has been my dilemma for far too many days it seems) to help my husband find a job.  Yes, for those of you who have been following my blog since its first post, I am still on this topic.  How could that be you might ask?  I wish I had an answer for you but I just don't.  Had anyone told me that my husband would be unemployed for almost 2.5 years, I would never have believed them.  Let's face it, how could that be possible, right?  He has umpteen years experience, all in the same field; he has been promoted many times and had reached a considerable level before unemployment relegated us to this unfortunate position.  We become more disheartened and depressed as we tick off each day --which turn into weeks, then months, then...well, you get the picture--because we are taking all the necessary steps to finding a new position. Placement agency...check, attended weekly sessions for two years; networking...check, my husband has spent over 2 years on a caffeine high with all the meetings he has been to; online job boards...check, these are my domain and I scour them multiple times daily sending potential jobs to my husband for review.  Personally, this is the least satisfying aspect of the job search as I cannot get my mind around how these positions can remain open for so long on the boards. Is it just terrible housekeeping or do companies simply not want to fill the jobs they list?  He sends resume after resume but it seems they all land in the abyss as no one calls to set up an interview.

A word about the resume since I seem to be on a roll.  Given my bent toward writing and my husband's desperation to get an interview, his resume has been revised approximately three hundred times (okay, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration...295).  I know this resume so well that I should be call prospective employers and tell them instead of sending the written version.  Heck, I might be onto something.  How much worse could it get?

How much longer until this terrible chapter in our lives will be over.  What next?  How do we make something happen?  Imagine how much better my blog would be if I could just move off of this topic?  I feel as though if I were writing to an advice columnist about our situation, I would need to sign my letter "hoping for change...and soon."

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