Saturday, May 5, 2012


I saw a post on Pinterest, the online pinboard site, that said that someone had childproofed their house, but the children still got in.  I have to admit that I chuckled to myself because this long rainy day has me wishing that I had done some (more effective) childproofing myself.  The funny thing is that my children are not pestering me because they are 'bored' or looking for something to do.  They are driving me batty because they are playing the loudest, most animated game of Monopoly in the world.  Now before you all go off on me for complaining that my children are occupying themselves and telling me how lucky I am and how grateful I should be, I already know that and I am. However,  if they could just be a tad quieter and less dramatic, I know I would feel all the more grateful and even luckier.

 One child cannot say anything. She sings everything and, adding insult to injury (what was I thinking?), today she got a camcorder and a tripod so now she sings it, acts it and tapes it all for playback.  Another one of my offspring cannot speak in a normal tone but loves to raise his voice thinking he could be best heard by doing so; he does not understand that being loud does not equal being powerful which is what he longs to be.  Finally, the third culprit encouraging my headache to grow and fester is the ringleader of this particular Monopoly gamefest.  The power-hungry leader of this troop loves to finesse the rules and use his age to his advantage--to say he cheats is a gross understatement of the truth.  Believe me, I would intervene but when I have pointed this out in the past, the younger ones were appalled that I was telling them something I thought they did not already know.  Duh, mom!  Great, they are enablers at its textbook best.

As I type this, it seems that this particular game of Monopoly is winding down and so is the decibel level in our house. That said, the little one is setting up the poker chips in the other room which can only mean that it is going to be a long--and loud--evening for sure.

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