Friday, May 18, 2012

Home Buying Madness

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I am not a fan of television.  I come from a long line of TV lovers or should I say TV addicts and despite their best efforts, they have yet to sway my feelings toward the tube.  That said, I will watch one show and it is that same show that seems to be doing me in with regard to the sale of our house.  I love to watch Househunters on HGTV, domestic or international, both on most nights.  I just love it.  I love playing voyeur and poking through other people's homes, seeing how they live and deciding whether or not I agree with the couple's ultimate home choice.  Now, here comes the problem.  Potential home buyers must be addicted to the show as well because now if your wall color is not neutral enough or your home does not 'have the right flow for entertaining' (do all these people really entertain that much?), your house is knocked right off the list.  Back in the day (you know, when there were fewer realtors and buyers understood that they were not buying the furnishings, merely the house), you bought a house with 'good bones' and then you understood that you got to choose your own paint color, change carpeting you did not like or buy new appliances...these things would not be provided for you.

It is bad enough that the expectation is that that you need to 'de-personalize' your house so that the potential buyer can picture his/her things in it.  Huh?  I am still living here, right?  Not everyone can afford to store all their things so that buyers can look at an empty house.  Have some vision people! Open your minds!  You are not buying the current homeowners stuff, just the house.  Jeesh.

Every time I hear someone on Househunters say they do not like the ceiling fan or the color of the walls, I cringe.  Perhaps I need to produce a show myself.  I might call it Homesellers and then we can get homeowners commenting on potential buyers.  Think about how much fun that would be.  I would love to tell a potential buyer that I do not want to sell to them because their little boy just jumped up on my son's bed (true story) and she did nothing to stop him.  Payback is, well, you know what it is and in this case, it would just be sheer bliss.

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