Sunday, May 13, 2012


Mother's Day?  Really?  Wasn't this supposed to be the relaxing, wonderful, stress-free day where I got to do what I wanted?  I suppose my children did not get the memo as my day was filled with the usual laundry, ironing, cleaning, vacuuming, report proofreading, arguing over Latin projects, a science project, meal making, kitchen cleaning and dog walking that every other Sunday (or day for that matter) consists of.  Yet something was different.  My husband was missing from the mix as he is out of town and yet he still had presents ready for me this morning just as he always does.  My oldest 'played Dad' when doling out cards and gifts while my husband sat with us at the table listening in--okay, he was not sitting there exactly but the phone was set on speaker which had to suffice.  The fact that he put the time and energy into buying and then wrapping these gifts prior to leaving means the world to me.  I know it bothers him that he could not be home today but that is what made it a special day for me.  Given our current situation it would it would have been very easy--and certainly understandable--for him to get lost in his own head and to have forgotten to buy something for me knowing how unnecessary it really is right now. 

So maybe I mediated the same sibling squabbles throughout the day and grew weary of answering the same questions as I do every day, but it was special none the less because my husband is teaching our children the importance of making mom feel loved even if distance separates us right now.  Of course, if he could teach them to squabble less, I would really appreciate that, too!

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