Thursday, June 7, 2012

The First Day

Our summer vacation officially started yesterday but since the children did have three and a half  hours of school, today marks the true start of summer break.  Given that we had our sights set on moving (I will not even begin to bore you will the emotional trauma of taking the house off the market for all the wrong reasons), the reality of this summer is far different from the one I had planned back in March.  That said, it is upon us and we need to make the best of it and since I am not one to run from a challenge, let the games begin!  Thus far this morning, aside from my usual daily chores, I have mediated approximately 121 sibling squabbles.  I have encouraged continuing the practice of daily reading with my little one (not his favorite thing to do but this is non-negotiable), encouraged his sister to straighten out a cabinet in her room (how is she my daughter???), dropped the pup off at the groomer, attempted a cursory food shopping (amazing how 4 children could have oh so many opinions) and put up tent in our basement (of course they are not happily engaged together in it as promised, but  I since I was not in the slightest optimistic about that, no harm, no foul).  That said, it is now barely noon...on Day is going to be a long summer.

This afternoon we need to pick up our fresh smelling Phoebe from the groomer and then eat an early dinner as we have a Little League game tonight.  Not exactly the way I would have planned my birthday but at least is not 105 degrees like it was last year. A small victory in the war of an unstructured summer.

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