Monday, June 4, 2012

If It Can, It Will

Sunday morning was just like any other weekend morning except that as I was washing the dishes, I noticed a distinct and lacking quality to the water I was using.  The quality I was looking for was temperature, namely heat and not the icy cold temperature I was feeling.  I really wanted and needed some warmth as I knew (I am pretty smart about things like this), this could not be good.  Hey, when I am right, I am right, you know.  My son often jokes that he wishes I could 'call' some good things (like lottery numbers) the way I just 'know' when things are going to be bad.  Of course, this dramatic drop in water temperature could not be something simple that a plumber could fix with only a modest outlay of money.  Oh, no!  Given our wicked run of misfortune these past few years, I had an inkling this one was going to be a whopper.

One big leak and one emergency call to the plumber yielded a brand-spanking new hot water heater for the next owner of our house.  It would have been nice if the old water heater could have sucked it up and lasted for a few more months but as my best friend tells me 'if I did not have bad luck, I would have no luck at all.' I could not agree with her more.

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