Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Title Search

Last night, I was reading a magazine while my family watched TV but I got distracted by a commercial for yet another reality series, this one entitled "Mountain Man."  Honestly, the premise for the show is totally irrelevant but it did start me thinking about other reality shows such as "Hillbilly Handfishing," "Hoarders" and "Gator Boys" and how they could possibly have a following.  If they are in any way remotely entertaining, their value is completely lost on me, however, I started to realize that just like my grandma had always told me, 'there is a cover for every pot' (or, in this case, viewers for every one of these inane shows).  If this is true, then there would have to be viewers for my newly conceptualized show about my husband and our quest to find him a job.  Can you imagine the networking opportunity a reality series would provide for him?  Let's face it, we have tried everything else to no avail so I say what the heck!

Clearly being the talented writer (bah ha) in the family, I am the logical choice to develop the show and, of course, my caustic wit (bah ha again) makes me the perfect fit for narrator as well.  My husband and I will do the talk show circuit with him explaining what he actually does (did) for a living--believe me, not even our family truly gets the scope of what it is that he actually does so this is a very important step--and he can regale the likes of Kathy Lee Gifford and Matt Lauer with the highs (very few) and lows (way too many) of the job search process.  The public will love us and our story as our viewership will be constantly reassured that their lives are not as bad as they had thought--heck, they could be us.  Our show will be a TLC or History Channel hit right up there with the likes of 'Toddlers and Tiaras."  The show cannot fail as we are like a train wreck--you simply cannot look away.  Companies will be clamoring to get their hands on my husband.  Now, if only I could come up with the right name for the show.  Wait, I've got it!  "Screwed!"

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