Monday, June 18, 2012


I have always questioned other people's motivation for doing something because in order to live my life happily, I need answers.  I am not one to move merrily along in a fog of denial or to feel that ignorance in any way, shape or form could possibly be bliss.  I crave reason and explanation. So imagine my concern when my husband called me over to the computer to see a new Linkedin invitation from the owner of the company who had just let him go after only 5 weeks of employment.  For those not following my blog closely, that job came after over 2 years of unemployment and required a move back to the east coast--a move that would have made me extremely happy.  Now, because of this man's seemingly irrational or at the very least unusual decision, we find ourselves re-opening the job search.  This same man had encouraged a quick sale of our house (which is currently off the market as my husband searches for a job yet again) to alleviate my husband's traveling back home from the coast each month.  This same man who devastated not only me and my husband but our children as well now wants to be a contact on a professional networking site?  Just plain crazy.

I know there are those who will argue that the owner's decision was 'just business' and that we should not be taking it personally, but that is impossible.  Business is business but professional (and personal) ethics should be a part of the business world.  Had he not deceived my husband and told him that the company would be restructuring in a month or so, we would not have put our house up on the market, had the children test into new schools or looked at houses.  Likewise, my husband would not have lost valuable time networking and continuing to look for a permanent job.  So now I am going crazy trying to understand why this man would want to 'connect' with my husband.  Let's face it, how could it not drive me crazy as this man had to knowingly look at my husband's name and think before he hit the 'connect' button.  To what end?  Does he want to check out my husband's contacts?  Why would he want my husband to have access to his contacts?

My saddest realization is that to this man, my husband meant absolutely nothing.  He is not thinking about what he did to us at all but, rather, he is looking to expand his contact list as that is all my husband would be- yet another name on an ever-lengthening list of contacts.  Well, since my husband called me over to read the request, I told him exactly what I thought he should write in response.  After we cleaned up the language a little, he did send a message to him.  I had hoped my husband would have written my original message but, you see, he is far too professional to have done so.

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