Monday, June 25, 2012


Last year, my son informed me that we would be watching a new show on USA entitled 'Suits' partly because of his love of all things related to the legal field and partly because of his being enamoured of the main character, Harvey Spector. To my son, Harvey is the embodiment of all my son yearns to be--rich, powerful,  intelligent and a great dresser to boot.  The show became 'our thing' to watch on a Thursday night and I loved the closeness I had with my son as we both discussed the plot, characters and how we thought the storyline might develop.  This summer, as we awaited the show's return, my son decided to dabble in a little 'truth is stranger than fiction' by trying to emulate Harvey Spector's aggressive and dynamic personality in the quest of a job for himself.  My son sent out letters to twenty law firms in the area soliciting a position as an unpaid summer intern (at 15 years old, with no license, he is somewhat limited in what he could do).  My hope was that the mere act of writing and mailing these letters would be a learning experience for him--my dream was that he would hear from at least one firm.

Well, this morning my son channeled Harvey yet again to 'wow' the senior partner of the law firm who had contacted him last week.  After an hour and a half interview (yep, for an unpaid summer intern position no less), my son landed the job!  Could I be anymore proud of his initiative and ambition? I think not.  He clearly left an impression on the senior partner as well as he told my son that he reminded him of himself. I had actually thought that the job description would encompass lots of grunt work but my son was asked to bring his laptop as he would be working with a law student doing legal research!  So rich and powerful will come in time, the intelligence he clearly possesses and he is a fantastic dresser already (what other 15 year old boy would choose Brooks Brothers as his favorite store?).  Harvey would be so proud but no where near as proud as I am of my son right now.

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